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  • Where does the name 'Dabble' come from?
    A few meanings; D,A,B - Doug, Alannah, Brody. Doug and two of his children who brought this vision of a cannabis farm, to life. A 'Dab' is a method of consuming cannabis, which vaporizes a cannabis extract instead of combustion (like smoking a joint). Dabble will be producing these types of extracts. 'Dabble' - To take part in an activity or try something new. We wish to introduce cannabis to anyone who is interested. There are so many ways to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful plant, and we'd love to teach you all about it.
  • Where can I buy Dabble Cannabis Co. products from?
    During Winter 2021/22, we will be in production for our concentrates, we aim to be available for sale in BC retailers, other provinces to follow in Spring 2022. We also are actively working on our Production Retail Store - the 'farmgate' program to have our very own retail store on the farm, to stock up on Dabble Cannabis Co. products and visit our beautiful farm. Stay tuned for more information on the Store launch!
  • Are you a licensed facility?
    Yes! Dabble Cannabis Co. is a federal Health Canada license holder of a Standard Cultivation license. This means we follow all requirements of the Cannabis Act, and all of our products are tested at a licensed laboratory for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial content and mycotoxins. Our name at the time of licensing was Advanced Medicinals Inc. - which is currently what Health Canada has us listed as, while we are in process of a rebrand.
  • What are your growing and harvesting methods?
    Dabble Cannabis Co. is passionate about the quality of our cannabis. We grow our cannabis outdoors in a customized living soil, that we treat with additional amendments. We plant cover crops, like clover, to overtake the nearby soil beds, so that our plants don't have to compete with other weeds for nutrients and water. We feed our plants with salts and other nutrients via our irrigation system. Our harvest is all done by hand. We want to do everything in our power to protect the delicate trichome heads, and so we do not use any machines in our harvest process.
  • Can we visit the farm?
    Yes! We welcome guests to stay at our B&B, or camping- check out for more information. We will also be offering Tours during the 2022 Season, stay tuned for more information on the tours.
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