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Dabble Cannabis Co.


Purple God Bud

Purple God Bud, has gorgeous purple leaves and fuschia pistils. This cultivar has a spicy aroma like cinnamon and pepper, and is dripping with trichomes.

Blueberry Cream

A Dabble Original strain; Blueberry Cream, is the Blueberry x Wedding Cake - an indica leaning hybrid with fat, juicy buds. Aromas of berries and pine. 

Untitled (10).png

Strawberry Jam

Another Dabble Original; Strawberry Jam is a cross between Fruit Pebbles x Wedding Cake. Just like Nana used to make, this strain has an aroma of overripe wild strawberries, ready for jam. Pale lavender and green buds, heavily coated in trichome heads.

Dabbleberry Ecom.png
Strawberry Jam Ecom.png
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